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Private & Corporate Commissions Welcomed

I offer a competitively-priced product that will meet your needs. Please note that this is sometimes hand-made artwork that could take weeks and/or months to complete depending on the complexity of the project. Obviously, my computer-generated artwork usually has quicker completion times. If you're looking for a $20.00 drawing, t-shirt design, etc., I'm not the artist you want to hire. Please contact me with your specific need(s) if you're serious about commissioning a project. I will gladly answer any of your questions. Please address your questions and comments to:

If email access is not available to you, you may also write me at the address below. Please be sure to include your name and address in any correspondence so that I may contact you. Thank you in advance!

Scott Robinson
High Performance Artist
512 W. Jefferson St.
Tipton, IN 46072-1828

Ordering has never been easier thanks to PayPal® ! You can instantly pay for your illustration, or put the minimum 1/2 of the total advance down on your illustration. All this means that I can instantly begin work on your illustration. I will also gladly accept money orders and personal checks (please use the postal address listed above for payments by check). Payment can also be made credit/debit via my Square reader should we meet in person at an event, etc.

Please send all PayPal® payments to this account:

Make sure the account is typed correctly. Please note that my PayPal® account differs from my email account. Neither of us want your money to end up in the wrong hands! I can't be held responsible for PayPal® payments that are sent to the wrong account. To avoid any chance of this happenting, please consider requesting that I email you an invoice through PayPal first.

Requirements: (Please read carefully) I require at least half of the total quote in advance before I will begin any work on your illustration (this includes the sketch). The remainder of the total will be due before your finished illustration is shipped to you. Contact me with your PayPal-preferred email address, and I can send you an invoice to begin the project. You are certainly welcome to pay more up front, and paying for all of it in advance is fine too. I will confirm receipt of any payments made (whether by PayPal® or check), and will notify you again when your illustration is ready so that any remaining balance can be paid. Advance payments are non-refundable. Artwork can not be shipped until the total quote is paid in full. Payment is expected within 30 days of notification that the artwork is ready for shipment. These strict rules are unforunately due to some bad transactions with a few previous customers.

High Performance Artist

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